Registry List for Smart Brides!

Hey gorgeous girls,

The Bridal Girl here! So, today’s topic, the REGISTRY! So many modern brides have no idea what to register for, as so many brides these days live with their fiancés before they marry. So, they don’t need the toasters, or the blenders, or the mixers. These brides need cash! While this seems as rude or not as fun to some older guests, these ideas might help you and your groom enjoy yourselves a bit more, and not stand in the return line at your local department store!

  1. Experiences- With all the technology out there, there are plenty of ways for guests to fund experiences for you and your fiancé to enjoy! Subscription boxes, snorkeling, a candlelit dinner… the options are absolutely endless! Guests tend to feel better about this as well, as they aren’t technically giving you cash, they’re giving you a memory and an experience!
  2. Accessories-So, hear me out here. Say you found a stunning headpiece you loved, or a veil, but it is out of budget. No problem! Instead of struggling to come up with the money, ask for it as a shower gift. Bridesmaids could go in on it together! They will be happy to give you something you truly love, and you will get your bridal vision put together!
  3. Honeymoon fund-This one might seem a bit tacky, but if you do it correctly it can be classy and still fun. Register for airline gift cards, AirBnB credit, or nice luggage. Guests feel like they’re giving you a nice gift, and you can enjoy your honeymoon!
  4. Register for small things-Of course, some guests still want to give you an item versus funding anything, and that’s fine. You have to give them that option to make everyone happy. Frames from Bed Bath & Beyond are a great wedding gift. Register for a nice set of sheets or towels, or that Kitchen Aid mixer you’ve always wanted but could never afford. Even register for a nice set of knives or cutlery. These things will make your older guests happy and you won’t have to return as many things.
  5. Hair, nails, and makeup- This last idea is funding your wedding day look. Ask for gift cards to the salon or stylist who is doing your hair for the wedding. See if someone would want to fund a mani/pedi for the two of you for some pre-wedding pampering. That way a guest feels included, but your wallet isn’t as sore at the end of the day.

Those are all my tips, tricks, and hacks for the wedding registry! Hope you enjoyed!


The Bridal Girl

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