Bride on a Budget; Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Gown Shopping!

Hello beautiful!

Bridal on a budget. Most people don’t think these two things go together. In fact, they can. I have planned a whole wedding in 12 hours and spent less than three hundred dollars for a friend of mine. It can be done ladies and gents! So, here are my tips, tricks, and hacks for wedding gown shopping on a budget!

  1. Check out the bridesmaids gowns! Lots of bridesmaids gowns are too ornate to be a bridesmaid gown, but are perfect for a clean and classic wedding gowns! Believe it or not, a majority of bridesmaids gowns come in ivory! Throw a veil on and boom you’ve got a gorgeous wedding gown! Dessy is a great designer for this, and their laces are very bridal!
  2. OTR- So, you go into a bridal salon, and the gown of your dreams is there, and it is your perfect size! You put it on and love it, but it is over budget! What in the world do you do? Ask your consultant if they will sell the sample off the rack, or OTR. Nine times out of ten, unless it is a new sample, they will sell the gown to you that day, and you can take it home, usually for an incredible price. It can’t hurt to ask!
  3. Go into a bridal salon and tell them this is your budget and you want to look at off the rack gowns, and is this a possibility? If yes, start trying! If no, move on. There is always another store.
  4. Found the perfect gown, but can’t afford earrings or a veil? The saying is “something borrowed and something old,” so, heed the advice! Ask your friends to borrow a pair of earrings, or if they had a tiara at their wedding you loved, or use your mom’s veil. You incorporate more of your friends and family this way, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet!
  5. In the same line of thinking, if you have a friend’s gown you loved, ask to borrow it! Usually they will be thrilled that you are wanting to wear their gown, and the worst they could say is no.
  6. Bridal consultants, like myself, we want to earn your business. If the dream gown is just a bit over budget, ask us if there is anything we can do! Usually, we can be flexible! I like being flexible and making dreams come true, so just ask us!
  7. This is more of a common sense thing, but be patient and considerate. It might take time for your consultant to find something perfect in your budget, so be kind to us! We want you to be happy just as much as you do. It makes us happy and makes our day goes by faster.
  8. Make your accessories wedding shower gifts! Instead of the tenth toaster you will receive, ask for your veil to be purchased, or your bridal hair comb. Guests are usually thrilled to participate in this way.

Those are all my hacks, tips, and tricks for a bride on a budget! Feel free to comment, share, and give us any ideas that you used to save money while bridal gown shopping!


The Bridal Girl

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