The Great Color Debate

Hello beautiful ladies!

It’s your neighborhood bridal girl here. Sorry for my hiatus, I was dealing with some personal BS. Anyways! Today we are tackling one of the greatest debates that my brides seem to face, or as I have dubbed it, ‘The Great Color Debate!’ So many of my brides come in and say they want a white dress…. I hate to tell y’all, but do you know how many white dresses I have sold? One. That’s right. One. Singular. Gown. Here is why: white looks TERRIBLE on 99.99999% of people. True white is so white it looks purple or gray in photos. Most wedding gowns these days are ivory, but many more brides and designers are heading towards champagne, gold, silver, antique, oyster, blush, and my personal favorite, lavender. The truth is, unless you are dark skinned, white is going to just look awful on. Now, I know what the struggle is, “How do I get mom/grandma/sister/aunt/crazy friend behind a colored wedding gown?” Well. Here is the thing. It is your gown. Your day. Not theirs. So many of my brides want to be people pleasers, but aren’t true to themselves and their hearts. Bridal is such an emotional purchase, and you need to lead with your heart. I am working on a great and long post regarding the 2019 bridal trends, and can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, all my love1

XOXO, the Bridal Girl

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