The Do’s and Don’ts of a Bridal Appointment

Everyone constantly asks me what they should do before they go to their first bridal appointment. Is there an etiquette? What is expected? How should I prepare? What should I wear? All of these questions and more I have heard a million times from my friends, my brides, and random people on the Interwebs. There are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do.

  1. DO- Research what you are looking for.
    • Know your product. Are you looking for a full ballgown? A tight, sexy number? Somewhere in between? Look around at designer photos online. See what you like and what you don’t. Be open-minded when looking around online, because online photos can be misleading.
  2. DON’T- Be stuck on one dress you saw online on Pinterest or Etsy or Google.
    • This is the danger of over research. You might fall in love with something that doesn’t exist anymore. A good bridal consultant will bring you something as close as possible, but unless you call ahead or know that specific dress is carried in that store, don’t get too attached, because that dress might not exist.
  3. DO- Bring good shoes and undergarments!
    • Shoes and the right underwear can make a gown look so different! I recommend a strapless, supportive bra, and Spanx or spandex on bottom. Having these on, like you will on your wedding day, helps you truly visualize what the gowns will look like. Having a shoe that is close to the height that you will wear will help your consultant guide you on what kind of length you need to order, or if you will need a hem. (Most gowns do!)
  4. DON’T- Go commando
    • Please wear panties at the very least to your bridal appointment. Think of it like swimsuit shopping. This is for sanitary reasons.
  5. DO- Have a budget in mind
    • Having a budget in mind can really help guide your consultant and you into gowns that are in your price range. A good consultant will never let you try on a gown that is out of your budget, because that usually leads to heartbreak. When I am meeting my brides and their entourages I tell them this: “Please check price tags before you pull anything, if you pull something out of our lovely bride’s budget, you have to be willing to swipe your card for the difference!”
  6. DON’T– Lie to your consultant.
    • Be honest with us about your budget. You aren’t going to offend us or hurt our feelings. We want to make you feel beautiful, no matter if you want to spend one hundred dollars or ten thousand dollars! We live for making our brides happy, and it’s your day!
  7. DO- Bring an entourage!
    • Bring an entourage, maybe some champagne, and make a day of it! You definitely want to bring your mom, sisters, maid of honor, or anyone else you feel that their opinion is vital to you. You want to share this moment with them, and they with you. Have fun with it!
  8. DON’T– Bring too many people
    • Bringing too many people is a recipe for disaster, because with more people, more opinions. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice to brides when they go bridal shopping, and that’s no bueno. We like the good vibes only. It’s recommended to bring around 5 to 6 trusted people, who you can rely on to be kind but honest.

Those are my 8 do’s and don’ts for bridal shopping! Feel free to leave comments, ideas, or  email me questions! Don’t forget to bookmark my blog for more great bridal blogs!


The Bridal Girl ❤

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