September 24th, 2018- Blog #1

Thanks for joining me!

Welcome to my blog! I am the Bridal Girl. I spend my weekends and waking hours a bridal consultant and a college student, along with being the devoted girlfriend to a United States Marine. I have loved bridal since I was a little girl, and this blog will highlight all the great, not-so-great, and downright crazy things that happen to me in my world of bridal! I will be featuring brides of the month, so contact me if you would like to be considered for this!

The majority of my posts will be bridal trends, fabulous brides, and everything in between. Have you ever wondered what you need to do before your bridal appointment? Trust me, there is a list, and I will make it easy for you!

I live with my tiny dog Fiona, and you can usually find us curled up under a blanket with our favorite snack and watching a movie.

Don’t forget to bookmark my blog! Great things are always being posted and I love to hear from you!

Ta-ta for now my darlings!


The Bridal Girl


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